Saturday, August 31, 2013

[AVOID] How to avoid Email Recruitment Scams [TIPS]

I still remember the day I created my first email address. It was a fad then to have an email address and a person not having one was, well, considered an outcast in a subliminal sense.

Over the past many years since opening my first email address and then many from various providers and giving it out, I've become infuriated with the amount of SPAM I receive daily most of which are people wanting to donate money to me, Banks giving me my lost relative's inheritance, winning various lotto/lotteries or sweepstakes many times over to simple recruitment scams.

Had I accepted the lotto/lotteries or sweepstakes, by now I would be the richest person on earth.

Today, I'm going to talk about email recruitment scams and the things to look out for and avoid them when you see these red flags.

Most of the times your email provider will filter them out and stop them from reaching your inbox altogether, but in the event that it does reach your inbox you should check once, if necessary, (unless you have hordes of them in your inbox) and delete them without remorse.


Always check from where the email came from (check out the email sender).

I have highlighted the places in red where the emails are not even generated from the company address. Do not, and I repeat, do not reply to these types of email address and they will get your information and would put it to bad use.

To see the actual email address press the small drop-down arrow box circled in green in the image above.


Secondly, recruitment companies will never ever ask you to pay their accountant any personal money for recruitment. Many of the MNCs that are doing recruitment never ever ask for money at all.

I have highlighted in red where they ask for money upfront for recruiting you as an employee in their concern as a "refundable" security deposit.

Believe me, it is only for their security that they are asking the money to be paid and that too to their accountant. Rest assured, when you go there or even phone them about this the company shall deny all this and tell you flat out that they are not indulging in these types of things.

Also, note that the email address and phone number of the recruiting officer are not provided. Even if they are provided, always check and verify the information in TIP # 1, the originating and reply-to email address.

In the above screenshot, the email of the recruiting officer or the reply-to email address should end with an "" address, but for fooling you and making you think that this is a legitimate email address that has originated from the company, they have provided the full details. This is a big NO, NO and a big RED FLAG as to the reply-to address being of another company other than the original company's own email address.

Hope these Tips have helped you in gauging how to check your emails and see how these online fraudsters gone at great lengths to trick you into paying them money by various means.

Do not fall prey to these methods and save yourself from losing yours or your family's hard-earned money by just giving it to an unknown person or group who tell that they will get you employed or are calling you for interviews at a long off place.

Best of luck for a prospective and bright future!

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